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The cost of a Interstate Tariff in United does not have to be shocking.
In a tariff the moving company typically need help if they are not familiar with long distance relocation across state lines. Our staff support our customers so they can be successful in the moving industry.
Our reasonable, flat fees for a interstate tariff are:
$999.95 for published tariff and supporting (BL) & forms
$1497 published tariff and supporting (BL) & forms, + carrier agreement
We also offer an Expedited option that gets you your tariff fast, in as little as 3 – 4 days.
We can help you obtain your FMCSA compliant tariff so that you can get USDOT license, or just move your moving company forward properly.

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Want to keep your moving company safe? 
By buying from us you will be able to keep your costs low and move your business forward.

If you are still unsure about moving tariffs please call (702) 909-2996 to talk with us. Our associates are on the line to give you the best advice possible regarding moving tariffs.

Want to make your tariff customized to your needs. Give us a call and let us show you how we can help create a moving tariff-based off your ideas.

If you want to know what you will be receiving please give us a call and we can go over our product with you before your make the purchase.

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Buying from us allows you to get a quality moving tariff at a great low cost. These Moving Tariffs Are Built By Moving Professionals.

What Movers Should Know:

  • 1. Every moving company must have proof of a moving tariff licensed to them if they are moving household goods from state to state. However, if you are doing local moves you are not required to have a moving tariff,
  • 2. If you are planning to register with the FMCSA, make sure you purchase a moving tariff before completing your application to turn into them. You can not proceed with licensing with the US DOT without providing evidence of your participation with a household goods arbitration program.
  • 3.Before purchasing an arbitration program make sure you know what you are looking for for your moving company. What we offer is a highly affordable and good quality product.
  • 4. If you still have questions regarding moving tariffs please give us a call at 1 (702) 909-2996. Our associates will be able to help you research and purchase a moving tariff.
  • 5. We invite you to compare our moving tariff price with other competitors before purchasing.
  • 6. More information on our arbitration products can be given to you if you give us a call. We will email you information or talk with you about products.


Patty Popov has a unique ability to develop strong relationships with his clients. After speaking with several moving tariff publishing lawyers, I decided to go with Moving tariff as they display legitimate interest and intrest for our needs.

I had many questions which may have seemed frustrating to others, but Moving Tariff answered all of them kindly and swiftly (within an hour or so) and gave me detailed information even explaining the changes with 400n tariff.

I would absolutely recommend moving tariff to anyone needing a moving company tariff, contrat/forms and/or an expedited request.

Review by Patty Popov
Patty Popov
Owner of Moving Company

All the right movers

I never planned to get moving tariff. It has been a harrowing emotional experience. When I began to research moving tariff attorney’s I felt that the cost’s and lack of empathy only deepened my frustration and fear.

When I found Movers tariff, and there staff Agnes, I immediately was relieved. Their competence, compassion, and experience ,specific to moving tariff cases, made me feel secure.

Moving Tariff delivered on their assurance’s, and the cost was well within our finances compaired to others. I would highly recommend household goods tariff publishing with them.

All the right movers
All the right movers
Moving Company Director

Erica Gonzalez

I strongly recommend Moving Tariff services for dealing with your uncontested moving tariff. They made this sad, uncomfortable process for a couple to be more smooth and easy-to-follow that I would have ever imagined.

My question was what are interstate tariffs. They are always available via phone or email and willing to give you the right answers, which made me feel very safe (in good hands).

I almost got moving tariff software which would of not been correct so they not only makes the process less painful but also way more convenient for us not to waist money.

Erica Gonzalez
Erica Gonzalez
Manger, Excaliber Moving

Ilane Cohen

Working with Moving Tariff dot com was an absolute pleasure and I would highly recommend his services to anyone else looking for an easy and well-communicated moving tariff process.

There were never any surprise fees after the initial hiring and the timelines were completely in line with what I was originally promised.

If anyone is going through the headaches and stresses associated with a moving tariff, I would highly recommend Moving tariff – It makes a interstate moving regulations easy. They are a consummate professional in every sense of the word.

Ilane Cohen
Ilane Cohen
Enterprice Van Lines