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Proof That A Moving Tariff Is Required For Interstate Movers

There are many moving companies across the United States. So, how are all these moving companies regulated in this industry? The government has issued laws specifically designed to protect both the consumer and the moving companies. These laws state that certain documents are required in order to legally operate within the United States.

Moving Tariff: What It Is 

One of these documents is a moving tariff. The law clearly states that household goods carriers must own a public moving tariff for everyone to view.

The tariff must include every one of the services that the moving company offers and the rates at which they offer them. Services provided, as well as their prices, must be organized on the tariff. This simplifies the moving tariff, making it easier to read and understand what the exact prices, rates, and charges are in a given move.

With the development of relocation software solutions and expansion of a moving company, the offer may increase Consequently but not have the legal requirements, if they offer new services as a result of their expansion, they will not be covered in their generic tariff moving software.

Updating Your Tariff

It is the job of the moving company to make sure that their tariff is up to date on the services they offer. Updating a tariff is unavoidable due to the constant development of the moving company services. It is important to learn how to edit your tariff in order to prepare yourself for making necessary changes in the future.

Once your tariff is ready for the public to view it, it is a smart time to create multiple copies. This step is to ensure that there is always one available for those interested in your services. It is good practice to keep many at your carrier location. In addition, it is a good idea for your movers to have copies in their trucks for any clients needing to review the prices and services they are paying for.

The Proof

Many do not take the government regulations as seriously as they should. However, all the proof that moving companies are required to possess a moving tariff can be found on this government webpage. Visiting this web page, you will be able to find a PDF file including the government laws. In which contains the specific law citing the rules of the moving tariff. Reading through the web page, you can inquire about other various rules regarding ownership of the tariff.

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