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Publish a Tariff: We Are Here to Help

Is your moving business in need of publishing a household goods tariff? If so, you are in the right place. We are a third party tariff publishing company. One of our specialties is household goods tariff publishing. Any moving company that ships household goods across state lines must publish tariffs. Why? The United States federal government requires it. In case you are unsure what a tariff is, please read the next section.

What is Moving Tariff?

A moving tariff is a document featuring an interstate moving company’s:



-terms of condition for transporting someone’s household goods

A company has no choice but to ensure that their tariffs get seen by all their customers. This allows each customer an opportunity to review the specific tariff. The United States government has many STB regulations in place. These regulations ensure that a company makes it tariffs simple to comprehend. This is to avoid customer confusion about the three factors listed above. The last thing your company wants is to get sued due to miscommunication about tariffs. That is one reason why our organization exists. We want to ensure that all moving companies will maintain success for years to come.

Publishing a Tariff for Your Moving Company

Publishing a tariff can take up a lot of time and energy. That is why our organization would love to do it for you. Without published tariffs, companies risk facing tremendous fines and penalties. These get enforced by the government in a very strict manner. Our team of experts does not look at the publishing process as a hassle. They enjoy what they do. That is why they commit each day to create and publishing companies’ tariffs at a low rate. Also, we offer free consultations and support. These can take place in-person or through phone/email. Our support methods ensure that all your company’s questions get answered.

There is often confusion about tariff charges. Moving companies are sometimes unsure what amount their customers should pay. Our support team will get your questions answered on an immediate basis. This will give your staff more time to focus on other tasks. The law, as well as government rules/regulations, can be overwhelming to understand. But our team will help guide you through the entire process. From A to Z. Your tariffs will get published with the correct information in no time at all. We would not have it any other way.

Free Tariff Publishing Consultations

Do not hesitate to give us a call right now. Our staff will provide a free consultation. Next thing you know, your company will publish tariffs faster. Not to mention each tariff will have the correct information written on it. Think of us as your permanent tariff publishing solution. Then we will create customized tariffs for your company. Other companies take weeks to send over their custom tariffs. Not us. You will receive your custom tariffs in a matter of days.

Each tariff we publish is in complete complicate with USDOT rules and regulations. Some of our clients prefer their published tariffs mailed to them. Others are fine receiving a PDF version. Either way, our staff works as hard as they can to provide the tariffs at a fast pace. Is your moving company in need of tariff guidance for household goods? You can find that on the STB website. The link is:

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