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What Does A Moving Tariff Consist Of?

Moving Tariff will list all the services that a moving company offers. With a list of agreed upon services, a moving tariff will also include their prices. A moving tariff may consist of various elements depending on the company owning the tariff. A company that only offers a few services will have fewer items listed on their tariff.

Companies who are a bit larger in their scope of practice generally have a longer tariff because they may offer more services. For example, one moving company may offer to pick up items that are already in boxes. At the same time, another moving company may offer some men to help move items from the customer’s home to put into the truck for moving.

Don’t Forget To Update Your Tariff As Your Company Grows

The tariff can include anything you put into it as a moving company. As long as you offer the service, it can be put on the tariff for consumers to view. Additionally, it is important to remember to update your tariff. It must have the option of Binding vs Non-Binding estimates and contracts. As your moving company services expand or change, you must make the update to your tariff. Also it must state the basic insurance which is 60 cents per pound insurance. If your movers miss this then it automatically refers to Full Value protection which can cost the moving company.  Another law that has been updated is a moving service can be fined and shut down by not having a active Arbitration Program DOT.

This is due to the fact that if a customer is not happy with there moving claims resolution provided by mover they have the right to go into Arbitration.

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