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What Happens If I Don’t Have A Moving Tariff?

If you are a mover offering state to state moving, your company will need to have a moving tariff. It is illegal for an interstate moving company to operate without a tariff violation.

Benefits Of A Moving Tariff

A moving tariff is advantageous to your company because it will include a list of all the services your company provides. Your moving tariff will also inform the customer of the prices for each service you provide. A moving tariff also acts as a way to uphold the integrity of both the customer and the moving company. If a customer accuses you of breaking your moving company rules of overcharging for a service, but you have charged the correct price on your tariff, you will be protected from the dispute.

A Legal Reminder

Federal moving regulations states that if you are operating interstate moves without a tariff, it is illegal and could result in legal action against a moving company. In this case, we strongly advise that you attain one as soon as possible.

Without a published moving tariff, you may face legal issues in the future and if you are holding a customers household goods without tariff or making a customer signing blank legal documents then forget about it because they will indite you.

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