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What’s Needed To Get A Moving Tariff Within An Hour

Get A Moving Tariff Within An Hour?

Need a moving tariff within an hour? No problem, just give us a call so we can help. Our professionals will be able to walk you through the building of your new moving tariff within an hour. They will ask you some simple questions about your company such as services what you want to offer and at what cost. Next, we will send your moving tariff to you to so you can make copies of for your employees as well as your customers.

Build a Tariff Within the Hour With Our Professionals

If you need your moving tariff right away you have come across one of the best providers in the moving industry. Call or email us so we can start building your custom moving tariff now. Don’t lose any more time and customers, contact us now!

What Does the Moving Tariff Come With?

The moving tariff comes with extensive pricing list of all applicable charges for a professional moving company. If you get the total package, which is $999, you will get a(n)

  • Published tariff booklet
  • Bill of lading
  • Revised written estimate
  • Post-order for service
  • Material and labor sheet
  • Closing sheet
  • Inventory form
  • Bulk article form
  • Additional services form

We also provide other forms in different packages, so you can operate your movers while on a move. All correct verbage and requirements set by the FMCSA are set inside the tariff and forms that the customers will sign. The moving tariff also sets the agreed upon delivery dates, arbitration agreement, and all rights and regulations of consumers. These are set in the law.

Valuation pricing

We create valuation pricing so it is easy for employees in your company to charge correctly for valuation. Our tariff sets out the deductibles that the consumer can choose from, and in return, you may charge for this additional valuation.

Household goods tariff publishing is necessary when you apply for your license. The USDOT expects each and every carrier to understand the laws and regulations. Most moving companies do not spend the time on reading these long, drawn-out regulations. This can be caused by fear or lack of time to read this vast information. Protect yourself, and protect your moves with a solid moving tariff.

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