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Who Must Own A Moving Tariff?


Are you a household goods moving company participating in long distance or interstate moves? If so, then your company requires a moving tariff to keeping operations running legally.

Movers providing state to state relocation services have a legal obligation to offer their customers the services listed on their moving tariff.

Failure to acquire a moving tariff will mean you are not in compliance with the USDOT. Furthermore, it might lead to illegal moving activity by the company. If discovered by USDOT officials, the company may be subject to fines.


One of our firm’s main missions is to prevent your organization from ever having to experience receiving U.S. government fines. Unfortunately, the government is very active when it comes to fining moving companies of all shapes and sizes. One simple written mistake on a tariff can potentially lead to tens of thousands of dollars in losses. That’s why our team of experts will do all it can to prevent your staff from ever making a costly mistake.
Our firm uses advanced tools and resources to ensure that every published moving tariff is 110% flawless. We combine those tools and resources with knowledge of up-to-date government rules/regulations.
This is so we can deliver superb services to our clients. We are proud to assist moving companies of all sorts, including van lines. If you are unsure of whether your organization needs to own a moving tariff, don’t take the risk of assuming that you do not need one. Instead, please give our firm a call right now.
We will determine within a minute whether you need a tariff built. And if you do, we will build the best possible tariff that money can buy.
And speaking of money, our services are much cheaper than our competitors. But our services are one hundred times better.

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